Fergie and Keeli

I’ve just arrived in Grand Rapids, MI, and am enjoying the luxury of a very peaceful room in a very swanky hotel, I could get used to this. I’ll say more about this 4 days getaway in a couple of days, with I hope, some beautiful images.
For now, I’m sharing these 2 super cute doggies. Amy is the manager at The Pet Resort, a very swanky pet hotel. Lori is the fantastic groomer, who can tame Coco’s hair when she goes “rasta” on me. Amy came with her 1 year old Boston Terrier, Fergie, warning me that this breed has the peculiar trait to blush when excited or nervous. And blush she did, with lots of begging from Coco to play with her she was in full thrilled mode! She was also very obedient and photographing her was a breeze. Miss Keeli, a mini Dachshund, who came all dolled up with boas and feathers, was also just as compliant. And yes, that is pink nail polish you are seeing on her front paws, perfectly applied! I might have to try that on Coco one day, I know Olivia (my youngest) would LOVE that.

We tricked her into thinking Amy’s pill box was some real cool dog toy,

Check out the nail polish, I would have never thought of it on a dog, it sure matches her hawaiian lei perfectly,


  1. by sylvie daydie on May 15, 2009  2:11 pm Reply

    les ongles faits, c est hilrant !!! n empeche qu il a des expressions incroyable ce chien, c est topissime !!!

  2. by Amy on May 19, 2009  8:07 am Reply

    I love the pictures! I was amazed to see how you got the red out (Fergie). You captured her personality so well. I can't get over how good she looks!

  3. by Rae on May 19, 2009  2:19 pm Reply

    I am so in love with your doggy pics! I think you need a Springer Spaniel for your doggy portfolio. :o)

  4. by audrey habeck on May 26, 2009  3:10 pm Reply

    hey girl! looks like you got some awesome shots at the workshop! how sad is it that i've hardly had enough time to go through and select the ones i want to edit. and i don't have any girls jumping on me trying to put makeup all over me! :) hehe! sounds like you have a super cute family. i love your new blog! keep in touch!

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