Wow, I’m not used to seeing pictures so big on my blog. How cute is this little angel?

Her parents have this book on soothing a baby, it explains how to hold the baby out in your arms, in a up-down motion, making a “swishhh” sound.  It recreates for the baby the sense of being in mom’s belly, when she was moving around, and the noise made by blood circulating in the placenta’s cord… it was very effective, Estelle loved it.  I need to ask again the name of the book, to share here.


  1. by Amy Sellars on June 1, 2008  8:15 pm Reply

    Your pictures are stunning! Thank you so much for sharing the new blog. Enjoyed chatting at the pool party on Thursday. We should do it more often.

  2. by Patsy on June 3, 2008  2:47 pm Reply

    IT LOOKS FABULOUS MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! I just love it. You did good. See there, everything happens for a reason. I actually like this one better!!!

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