Emma Rhys, Pensacola Newborn Photographer

Often I get comments that it must be the most fun job to handle newborns, absolutely! I love it and it’s also such a special time in a couple’s life, this new transition to becoming a parent, this insane flow of love you feel for this tiny being, a special kind of love we’ve never experienced before until we suddenly have this tiny new person. I get to witness it while it is still such a novelty and along with cuddling with a newborn, it really is quite magical, I am very fortunate! I do love my job!
So much love already for this little princess, it was an honor to record her debut into our world!


This is what I want to do every time I hold a baby: cover them in kisses! The amount of self control I muster every session is unreal!


shelf baby

girl with pink

froggy pose

baby in parent hands


baby on tiny bed

baby in bucket

baby in bed

parent pose

baby with dad

baby with mom

mom holding baby

baby in bowl

For those of you who like to knit.. Here are the links to the patterns I used:
the little “rabbit” outfit
the “pink angora”
And I bought the adorable “felted rabbit here”

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