Dusky is an other good friend of Coco’s, mind you she befriends all dogs and people very easily, but his owner, Everett is also one of Will’s best friend. Everett chose the name for his puppy, it’s a species of shark, and also a brand for sailboats, a well rounded name. Dusky is a “Puggle”, a cross breed between a Beagle female and a Pug male, he looks to me just like a small boxer. He is so sweet and playful, also very well trained. it made me think I should take Coco to training class again…
He did pose really well, I’m afraid I found most of his pictures just too cute, and again posted a lot, I hope not too many.

Here is the pug underbite,



  1. by Kathy D. on April 9, 2009  3:19 pm Reply

    We just looked at Dusky's pictures...they are amazing! You did a great job of capturing all the aspects of his little personality! Each picture was cuter than the last! Thank you!
    Kathy, Pat, and Everett

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