I am so thankful, and it never hurts to acknowledge it, we have been extremely fortunate over the years with wonderful baby sitters. Tayler is one of our very favorites, and today’s doggie is her baby. Dixie is 2 years old, a beautiful mix between a Lab and a Rottweiler. She has gorgeous blue eyes, a luscious shiny brown coat, with the most playful personality. Coco was very happy with her play date. Tomorrow, I plan on sharing a beautiful mom to be. With my adorable assistant, my lovely niece Olivia, I’ve had a very busy week photographing babies, bellies, senior… We are loving the new studio. Once the last touches are done, I’ll post a couple pictures here.


  1. by Lauren Guidry on March 4, 2010  3:35 pm Reply

    It takes a talented artist to capture the beauty of Dixie for such real life effects. Amazing photography!

  2. by Rochelle DeLisle on March 4, 2010  4:42 pm Reply

    Beautiful dog! I am happy to see some more new photos. Those eyes are amazing.

  3. by Courtney Campbell on March 4, 2010  5:08 pm Reply

    Dixie is just precious...love love love the photos! I love the big blue eyes and how they pop with dixie's black coat of hair. I also think the red ball is fitting for a dog named Dixie..Roll Tide!

  4. by Jamie W on March 4, 2010  5:20 pm Reply

    Dixie looks like such a doll! Beautiful pictures!!! I have a feeling Tayler will have these framed and hanging all over her house in no time! My favorite is the 4th one down!

  5. by Katie Gudaitis on March 4, 2010  9:42 pm Reply

    soooooo cute!! I love the photos! Eyes are so amazing

  6. by Bobby Reed on March 5, 2010  6:33 am Reply

    That is by far the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen! I mean the picture quality is fantastic, but that there dog Dixie, is a real beauty!

  7. by matt on March 5, 2010  3:58 pm Reply

    i know her! she's just as pretty in person. superb photos.

  8. by Deborah Pennington on March 6, 2010  6:47 pm Reply

    Great photographs. Beautiful eyes. Amanda says they are BLUE?? #1-2-3-4 and 6 are my favorites.

  9. by Amanda on March 7, 2010  8:49 pm Reply

    Great photos! Dixie is amazing! Glad you were able to capture her beauty!

  10. by Uncle Chuck, Lori and Hoss on March 8, 2010  11:03 am Reply

    Great photos of our Dixie Darling, she is just adorable! Hoss says "WOOF"!

  11. by Iris Palmer on March 9, 2010  9:39 am Reply

    Wow Bridget, you are so beautiful in these pics. The photographer really captured your beauty. Bravo, what a way to celebrate your precious gift.

  12. by Jen on March 9, 2010  5:07 pm Reply

    Wow Arielle! That fourth picture of Dixie is perfect. Again, your talent is amazing!

  13. by Peyton on April 5, 2010  2:06 pm Reply

    Gogrgeous dog! His eyes are so pure they draw you in and were captured very well on camera!

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