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How exciting! Only 3 days after submitting my pictures to Design aglow, I am featured as their “inspiration”. Their website is a digital candy store for me, I can’t visit it without wanting a new template, I get lost while loading my cart with goodies. Back in Med school when they were teaching us to make Pascal programs for computers, I developed a dislike of these modern machines. After that grueling experience, I could not understand the appeal of computers to others, until I took a photoshop class, and the fun began! I love photography, understanding the light and taking a beautiful picture, but I also love the digital darkroom, the editing and the infinite creativity of the digital universe. The design aglow team is bottomless well of ingenuity, constantly offering new products to photographers. I am very honored to be on their blog and just had to share. My entry is about the CD cases I made for some of my clients, using some of the Design Aglow products I have purchased over time.
Featured on the Design Aglow Blog


  1. by Frederique Beroset on July 5, 2012  2:16 pm Reply

    I want them all! Those are so neat! You deserve the best award they can make. Your creativity shines: from photography to bonnets via CD cases and knitting. This is so much fun... AAAAAAHHHH! being an artist ;-) You rock!

  2. by Dori L. on July 6, 2012  8:13 am Reply

    Congratulations, Arielle!

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