There’s an aura of admiration and awe around the blue angels. Here in Pensacola, there is a sense of pride to be Home to the elite group of pilot. When CJ and Anne came to me with his “retired” blue angel uniform to use as the cover of their son’s, Christian’s album, I thought it was a terrific idea. So much sentimentality, such a perfect way to convey what was happening in his family at the time of his birth, without having to glue memorabilia all over his album. However, once alone facing the blue uniform with the proverbial emblems, stripes… and my pair of scissors, it felt like sacrilege to cut into it. I must say, there was a bit of procrastinating involve. Priscilla Foster, the artist book binder who makes my albums needed a generous amount of fabric without seams. After much hesitation, I decided to use the legs of CJ’s uniform, and restitch the logos onto them. I sent it all to Priscilla, who will either use some of the many fabrics she has in stock, or will allow us to use our own. Yesterday, her beautiful box arrived in the fedex truck at my door. Really, the FEDEX lady and UPS man could be wearing Santa’s suit, they always bring me such nice things!
I met Priscilla in Bozeman, where she lives and has (although she’s now selling it) an amazing paper/stationary store, a paradise. Her craftsmanship in bookbinding is impeccable, she has been classically trained in the art of this time honored tradition. She takes pride in delivering an album that will stand the test of time, showcase my client’s images in a beautiful way. Everything down to the packaging is exquisite and eco friendly, a point of honor for Priscilla. I especially love the watercolor art paper she uses in her “Adelaide album”, in a 12×9 inches horizontal format. The pictures are beautiful printed on that thick art paper, the large size allows for a fluid design of BIG images, nicely wrapping up a successful photo session into a truly wonderful keepsake.


  1. by Brittany Gillman on March 29, 2012  11:48 am Reply

    I love these pictures! Tessa I love you and your amazingly beautiful! Where is the clay...doesn't even look like you!(; ha

  2. by Cheyenne Mack on March 29, 2012  11:49 am Reply

    Wow.... We're did Tessa go? I see a model

  3. by Judy Miller on April 3, 2012  5:08 pm Reply

    Wow! What absolutely beautiful photographs of Tessa! She has grown into a lovely young woman!

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