Cruising along…

I’m in love! Totally smitten with little Cruz. Seriously! How much cutter than this can you get?


  1. by Lindsey G. on June 17, 2011  5:52 pm Reply

    Cruz is super cute and so fabulous! These pics capture the sweet baby faces that are rarely caught! Love, Love, Love!!

  2. by Evelyn on June 18, 2011  8:43 am Reply

    OH MY.....he is so CRAZY adorable and these photos are just gorgeous!!! Magic, as always, my friend!

  3. by Carlotta on June 18, 2011  11:18 am Reply

    Cruz looks so cute and sweet in these pictures.

  4. by Nicky on June 18, 2011  11:49 am Reply

    These are the cutest pictures!!! Cruz is a doll baby!!

  5. by jennifer on June 18, 2011  12:51 pm Reply

    love Love LOVE!!

  6. by Annette Weir on June 18, 2011  6:52 pm Reply

    Amazing photo's !! He is a dreamboat

  7. by Rachel on June 18, 2011  7:07 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for your time and patience with Cruz, the pictures turned out so beautiful. We will treasure these forever, we appreciate you capturing this moment in Cruz's life for us to enjoy for years to come. Jonathan and I are looking foward to seeing the rest, we will have a very hard time narrowing them down.

  8. by doanli on June 18, 2011  7:32 pm Reply

    America's Future Model! What an adorable baby and seems so happy! Enjoy it, parents...ah, memories! :)

  9. by Lori Keelin aka Helga on June 18, 2011  8:08 pm Reply

    The cutest thing ever....He is growing so fast...

  10. by Tina on June 18, 2011  9:03 pm Reply

    He is sooo adorable!!! Beautiful photos!!!!!!!

  11. by Beath on June 18, 2011  9:15 pm Reply

    These are wonderful and show his cute personality and how happy he is - of course what does he have to be unhappy about!!!! Beautiful baby and parents.

  12. by Rochelle Fielder on June 18, 2011  11:59 pm Reply

    My favorite is the front and back side by side ones! Of course I love them all being as they were shot by my favorite photographer! She's the best! Can wait for her to get her camera aimed at Riley Ann again! Rachel, Cruz is adorable and these are wonderful. Chemin à parcourir Arielle! Ce sont aussi amusant!

  13. by Aunt Tina on June 19, 2011  8:23 am Reply

    I love the picutres they are so clear and detailed. He is so handsome. We have cute babies it's in our genes.

  14. by Amanda L on June 19, 2011  11:02 am Reply

    Oh My Gosh , Cruz is so sweet! I love him so much. These pictures are priceless!

  15. by Olga S. on June 19, 2011  12:44 pm Reply

    Cruz is incredibly cute and artistic! The photos are just fantastic!!!

  16. by Stephanie E. on June 20, 2011  10:55 am Reply

    Love!! He is Marvelous! Beautiful Family! Love you all!!

  17. by Susan weir on June 26, 2011  10:58 am Reply

    love these pics!!! Cant wait to see all of youi

  18. by Aunt Doris on June 26, 2011  11:00 am Reply

    Cruz is growing so fast!

  19. by Auntie Mad on June 28, 2011  8:04 am Reply

    Cruz is sooooo adorable! I just want to squeeze him! Be sure to get me a picture to put up in my house :D

  20. by Kodie on June 28, 2011  8:12 am Reply

    Cousin Cruz is good-lookin, just like me!

  21. by Colby on June 28, 2011  8:16 am Reply

    Looks like he's ready to play football soon!

  22. by Aunt G on June 28, 2011  8:44 am Reply

    These pictures are GREAT & Cruz is so CUTE and very HAPPY!

  23. by Dick B on June 28, 2011  8:46 am Reply

    These are some fabulous pictures! Jonathan & Rachel, you have one very cute little boy!

  24. by Amy I on June 28, 2011  8:50 am Reply

    Cruz is too cute! He was showing out ;)
    I sure miss him and can't wait to see yall soon!

  25. by Pappy on June 28, 2011  8:54 am Reply

    Pappy sure love his Cruz, he is so happy in all the pictures, I can't wait to see him!

  26. by Christin on June 28, 2011  9:18 am Reply

    Love all these pic of little CRUZer!!!

  27. by Mary Taylor on July 28, 2011  6:45 pm Reply

    I really like how you captured the front and back view and framed them together.

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