Contacts and courtship

Yesterday was a big day in my son’s life.  Will got fitted for the first time with contact lenses.  He’s had bad eye sight for a couple of years, and isn’t wearing his very cool glasses all that much.  At school, he has them on occasionally to see the lesson on the black board, and then sometimes at home to watch TV, but otherwise never.  It has handicapped him playing sports, in basketball he couldn’t always make out his teammates faces, and he never really cared for tennis (probably because he can’t see the ball..).  We believe contacts will have a substantial impact in his everyday life, and we finally went to see the ophthalmologist to get him started.  We were all very excited, walking up to the office, I had him take in the surroundings carefully, so he could describe to me the difference coming out with new eyes.  In a dark room, the nurse put on his first lenses, after a couple blinks he was relatively comfortable, and amazed at all he could see.  We then, were taken to an other area, where a very nice lady tough him how to handle the contacts.  In the short walk across the hallway, he’s pointing to a far door, so excited to see the handle, he’s thrilled to see the face features of the lady standing in front of the counter, I’m beaming, so happy to have my sweet boy seeing the world, I can’t wait to take him outside.  The nice lady asks him how he likes the contacts, can he see better?  He turns around to me, with a beautiful smile on his face (I’m feeling all gooey happy), and he says: “yes, it’s great!  I mean I can see my mom’s wrinkles!”   WHAT?????  (Latter on he even talked about the sun spots on my face… I don’t have wrinkles, just expression lines)  Henry was at work, and I was texting him, a minute by minute report on the Dr.’s visit.  To Will’s last comment, he suggested I set him up in France to learn the art of courtship.  Already, a couple months ago, when all the boys in 5th grade were “going out” with girls, Will’s approach to a cute girl had us worried.  Wanting to compliment her, he told her she had “bug eyes”!!!  To her puzzled expression, he explained that just like his sweet dog, Coco, she had bulging eyes, “it’s so cute”, he tried to reassure her.  I’ve got it all planned, he’ll be getting serious help from the world’s flirt experts in South of France in just a few days.  I’m sure my dashing young cousin, a woman magnet, will take the task seriously and teach him at least a few rules about compliments.

Will has a new appreciation for our world, as he now can contemplate the leaves on trees, and like he says: “it’s like everything is in 3D, before everything just blended together”.  We drove back home and he startled me the whole way with loud WOWs at everything he seemed to discover for the first time, at 11 years old.  I’m so thankful for our modern world with all it’s technology and advanced medicine.

Will is so excited, he wants to keep forever his first pair of contacts,

My cousin, Frank, who doesn’t know it yet, but will be in charge of Will’s courtship education. Hanging lovingly to him is Magalie, she and Olivia are smitten with him. I’ve never known him to be in shortage of girl friends, he’s perfect for the job.

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  1. by patsy on June 30, 2009  1:43 pm Reply

    What is french for HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!!! THAT MAN IS HOT SISTER!!!!!

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