Coming soon, a baby girl

Wednesday probably, I should have Anna Grace on my blog. She was my youngest newborn up to date, only 60 hours into our world. Seriously, just a few days at that tender age makes a world of a difference for me. They sleep a lot and much more soundly in their first 4-5 days of life. Everyday, they develop and become more alert. When you think of it, at 6 days they’re already twice as old as at 3 days. I was so excited to have Anna Grace so early in my studio, that Jenni suggested I request my future clients to just stop on their way home from leaving the hospital.. We’re setting a new trend here.
In the mean time, I’m sharing a few images taken for Charleston’s first birthday, and of Jenni’s belly.

Charleston, in a little Buddha pose,

In great conversation with her grand’ma Soozi,

She loved me, and was very excited when the session was over, because she could blow me many kisses good bye…


  1. by Heather Reese on May 27, 2010  7:13 am Reply

    She is so beautiful. I love the pic with Charleston and grandma, and the one with you cradling Ann Grade. So adorable.

  2. by Lindsey Higdon on May 27, 2010  7:51 am Reply

    I love all of them!! She is such a precious little angel! Absolutely Beautiful!!

  3. by Julie on May 27, 2010  12:25 pm Reply

    These pictures are amazing! Jenni, you look gorgeous. The pictures are beautiful. Anna Grace is gorgeous. I can't wait to meet her.

  4. by Ruth Farris on June 8, 2010  10:03 am Reply

    These are adornable. I loved them all. How perfect she was. Precious.

  5. by Virginia on June 8, 2010  2:01 pm Reply

    Arielle - you do such an amazing job! Jenni, you look fabulous, of course. And Anna Grace is such a little sweetie! Whenever a friend sends me links to look at their new photos, I can't help but peruse your entire site. You are so talented!! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to work with you sometime soon. ;)

  6. by Kathleen Nunnikhoven on June 15, 2010  10:01 am Reply

    precious pictures!

  7. by Christine Baehr on June 22, 2010  8:01 am Reply

    Such a beautiful family! I loved looking at each one of these great pictures!

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