Coco, super model!

Just a month ago, Coco had her first birthday, thankfully she’s not aware of the exact date, so she probably won’t have notice, we’re still a little late celebrating it. The kids would like to plan a special dog party…
I’m excited to announce I am now able to offer “studio dog photography”. I’ve set up a small studio, but only intend to photograph dogs in that setting. I still much prefer “on location shoots” for newborns, children, and high school seniors.
I got the idea from a wonderful photographer, based in California, Ann Hamilton, who was one of the platform speakers at WPPI. I love dogs, and wouldn’t consider living in a house without one, just doesn’t seem normal to me.
So come see me in my new little studio set up, my first 5 furry clients to book a session will receive a special gift… These session will only cost 150$, last 1 hour, and should be fun.
Of course, Coco is my first model to try out my new light. I’m so enamored with her, I’m afraid I’ve gone overboard and have too many pictures here, but she’s just so cute!

First, sporting her birthday hat, she wasn’t all that happy with it, like “seriously, how long are you gonna make me wear this thing?”

She cheered up when I brought out her favorite toy, a miniature Indies. Ever since Indies passed, Coco has found in Meg’s room this little stuffed animal, and has claimed it hers. She goes everywhere with it, and sleeps with it. She likes to shake it around some,

She has other toys, and is pretty good with her smiley ball,

She’s very playful, and will comes up with the funniest faces,

But she can stay still too,

And eventually will need to take a break from all the fun,

And here is my favorite, I love this Coco face, when her lip is crocked, a little stuck to the side. She’s all like: “what??”
Couldn’t resist having Meg there too.

Sweet Coco, she’s my fourth child,


  1. by Ray Nikyuluw on March 22, 2009  5:05 pm Reply

    ;-) Oh cute! I think you've absolutely found a niche that could explode for you. Lovely pictures especially the one with Meg in it...priceless. Great shoot Arielle.

  2. by wendy b. on March 24, 2009  7:03 am Reply

    Oh, just beautiful! Amazing color. Made me start my day with a chuckle.

  3. by kathie sutton on March 26, 2009  9:45 pm Reply

    Ariellle, these are so priceless!!! You have got a special talent to do this and I admire you for it. My daughter said she will have to call you as Patsy said she doesn't have the patience for animals.

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