Clover & Lilly

Doggy day! I’m long due for this post and apologize for the delay. Still from the Pet Resort, I have Clover, 10 weeks old, an Alaskan Malamute mix (with Lab), who was brought to me by Theresa. I found my self again ashamed to not be spending more time with Coco, teaching her “obedience lessons”, young Clover already has a large vocabulary repertoire, and could fallow commands in a very impressive manner. A little treat also came in handy…

And if his vocal cords were like ours, I swear he could speak. His facial expressions say just as much probably than words would.

Look at these paws, he still has much growing to do!

Now, doesn’t that face just say “I”m in heaven”?

He looks just like the baby black bear at the zoo,

And this is Miss Lilly, a 12 year old Pomeranian, who came with Kelsey. Kelsey told me that Lilly lost her right eye a couple months ago, I’m glad to say it doesn’t seem to affect her much, and you can’t really tell, none the less Kelsey was a little conscious about it and brought some fancy shades for straight forward shots. It gave Lilly a very Hollywood star look..

Doesn’t she look like she’s about to walk the red carpet, after a great movie performance?

I don’t know why all these dogs just remind me of black bears, but seriously?

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  1. by Kelsey on June 4, 2009  5:37 pm Reply

    these are sooo cute!!! you are amazing!!!

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