Catching up

I thought I would share some of the cards I put together this past Christmas.
This first group is of an amazing family, who just recently adopted their fourth child. As the card says, Yana joined her new home just a few months shy of turning 3. She’s an adorable little girl, now loved by wonderful parents and silblings. Wishing you the best for this new year and on this latest parenting adventure.

Just wonderful kids here, our families have been friends for generations, and I love that friendship being carried on. I had a great time taking their pictures, their mom wins best funny mom award, she definitely kept the mood relaxed (usually moms tend to be a little stressed out on “picture day”, feeling the pressure to have everyone at their best). Jane had no such concerns, I think at one point she even threatened to moon her children to give them a good giggle, I was too busy catching their cute smiles to see if she actually did it.

Fallowing are just a few pictures of a beautiful baby girl:

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