Caroline and her children

Following are a few pictures from a beautiful family.  Caroline’s parents are good friends of my parents, they’re some of the sweetest people and always so much fun to be around. Unfortunately, the dad was out playing tennis when I took the pictures. The yard is just amazing, typical of the south of France, with gorgeous flowers and lots of little areas, a paradise backdrop for a family session.

The 2 boys,

Their dog, Jack, thinks he’s human, once while sitting at their dinner table, I saw him jump on a chair and stay there ready to eat with us.  Here, it seemed he didn’t want to be left out of the family portrait.
The youngest didn’t care much to smile at my camera, she’s so cute, she really didn’t need to.
We managed to have the grand mother in a few shots.

The little girl is eating melon under Jack’s stare, and although she knew to be careful with him around, he still got the last bite of melon.

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