I’m back. I have been out of the blogging loop for a little while. First it was the trip back to the US, that was quite an adventure. I remember thinking that never before had it taken me so long to go to France, well the trip back broke all records. It was roughly twice as long (about 48 hours!!!!), with many changes, with 3 children (who were the best and loved our journey), suitcases, train ride ( the TGV, fastest train in the WORLD, made in France), buses, plenty of airplanes, and a good dose of stress for me. But it was quite an experience, we had to sleep in a hotel, and the kids thought it was the greatest trip of all time.
So I’ve been back for 3 weeks, and have been real busy helping my husband start off his new business. It is an amazing project. He’s been a cardiologist for 20 years now, and has been forming this vision of a cardiovascular screening facility for some time. And it’s coming together. The grand opening will be soon, at the end of this month, and I’ll tell more about it then.
For now, let’s enjoy little Caden. I was able to find a little window of time to photograph this adorable baby boy. It was a pleasure spending time with this new family, I got to hold a newborn and during that special moment all my worries went away.
He did great during the session.

Now that’s a yawn!

This family enjoys baseball, and I think Caden’s dad is already looking forward to taking his little boy out on the field. It will be pretty neat for him to wear this glove, and have this picture.
Our little model hardly cried, but while he was falling asleep, he didn’t appreciate us when we pulled out his soothing pacifier…


  1. by Alley on September 9, 2008  4:10 pm Reply

    cute cute cute love the baseball glove

  2. by Patsy on September 19, 2008  11:10 am Reply

    PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Are you still with me sister? I miss talking to ya.


  3. by Ray Nikyuluw (from SR workshop in Paris) on September 24, 2008  8:41 pm Reply

    Hello ReL (clever)

    I'm watching you!!!! These are beautiful pics and you do some wonderful work. Loved going through your blog and seeing what you've done. I'm still sorry we didn't get you in a wedding dress in Paris. It was wonderful getting to know you and I hope we cross paths many times in the years ahead. Love some of your London shots as well. Anyway, I've got you marked and will keep an eye on you. Where are your Paris're busy I know. I lost almost 400 of my images from Paris.....oh well..

    Bye for now,

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