1. by Holly on April 1, 2010  9:55 pm Reply

    That is too cute! I love the captions.

  2. by sylvie daydie on April 2, 2010  2:25 am Reply

    mignon !!! j en reviens pas que des gens fassent des photos de leur chien !!!!!

  3. by Cindy on April 2, 2010  7:33 am Reply

    What beautiful pictures!!!! I'm sure Matt will love every one!

  4. by Matt on April 2, 2010  8:55 am Reply

    My boy!! These pictures are great! I sure do miss that guy. I hope he didn't chew up any of your film canisters during the shoot! ;)

  5. by Jinger on April 2, 2010  2:56 pm Reply

    Such great photos! Love the playful ones!

  6. by Jessie Thompson on April 2, 2010  8:59 pm Reply

    Brilliant!!! Seriously - brill! I love the images and the story and how they all fit together. I really think that you read Brodie's mind. Yes, Arielle, you can now add "Dog Mind Reader" to your list of many skills!:)

  7. by Osvaldo on April 3, 2010  9:38 am Reply

    Great Job on these pics, The photographer has great imagination!!! I am sure that Matt will also like these pictures.

  8. by wanda on April 3, 2010  9:44 am Reply

    Great photos, love the storyline!!!! Brodie looks adorable ;)

  9. by Phill Coe on April 4, 2010  2:31 am Reply

    Love your work, Arielle. The dog shots are great, you can really see the character.

  10. by Lisa on April 4, 2010  1:27 pm Reply

    Wow! What great pictures. You truly captured Brodie's inquisitive nature and loving spirit. Lisa (friend of Matt and Brodie)

  11. by Peyton Parra on April 5, 2010  1:50 pm Reply

    These pictures are wonderfully cute! That is a lucky grandma getting to watch such a gorgeous dog! I envy her!

  12. by Ann on April 5, 2010  5:12 pm Reply

    Matt will love these pictures of his dear Brodie.
    These pictures show such a wonderful balance of both Brodie's playful and loving side.

  13. by Evelyn on April 5, 2010  9:33 pm Reply

    EEEK....a Wheaton!!! Hmmm.....might have to get my baby Franklin in front of your lens!! Love, love it! Wheatons are the best. Next to the Cavalier, of course. ;)

  14. by Lorie on April 8, 2010  5:49 pm Reply

    GREAT job on Brodie's pictures! Matt is going to have a hard time picking his favorite. La Fin! (Brodie's groomer)

  15. by Caitlin on April 15, 2010  4:42 pm Reply

    What a fantastic dog! The pictures are great and fit what I know of his personality very well.

  16. by Doanli on April 15, 2010  6:24 pm Reply

    Lovely! The captions bring tears to my eyes. (My brother served in the US Marines during the First Gulf War.)

  17. by Joy on April 20, 2010  4:00 pm Reply

    I LOVE these pictures. They show great personality and the captions are wonderful!!! What a wonderful job!!!!

  18. by Chuck Wilson on April 20, 2010  4:16 pm Reply

    Cute, hope you are doing well Connie, God Bless you and yours, you may get a comment from my fiance' Joy

  19. by Donna on April 25, 2010  5:00 am Reply

    Hi Connie. Beautiful dog. The pics are great and the captions fitting--Love, Donna

  20. by cathy on April 25, 2010  1:34 pm Reply

    this has to be the cutest pictures. Matt must surely miss him as he does brodie. good job

  21. by ozzy38 on January 15, 2011  10:05 pm Reply

    That is too cute! I love the captions.mignon !!! j en reviens pas que des gens fassent des photos de leur chien !!!!!What beautiful pictures!!!! I

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