Bridget and Colby

A very happy couple expecting their first baby on April 1st. Their pregnancy came as a surprise. Bridget’s Dr. didn’t think she could conceive, but yet a little miracle is about to happen. Along with the discovery of this very special arrival, more exciting news came in, Colby was accepted in medical school! I see a bright future for this young couple, a very happy couple indeed. I can’t wait to meet and photograph little Emerson, and wish you the best of luck in your carriers.


  1. by Rochelle DeLisle on March 8, 2010  6:22 pm Reply

    OMG! I love these. You know which one is my favorite. The legs crossed up the wall. I am blown away by these. Great Studio!

  2. by Bridget Burks on March 8, 2010  7:01 pm Reply

    I couldn't be more pleased and I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures now. It's like you are teasing me! You made the come out totally different than I imagined. Thank you so much for making Colby and I feel so comfortable and at home in your studio. We both can't wait for you to do our baby pictures.
    Thank you
    Bridget Burks

  3. by Christi on March 8, 2010  7:27 pm Reply

    These pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the legs on the wall....capture you very well.

  4. by shawna bunch on March 8, 2010  7:32 pm Reply

    I love all of these! They are amazing!

  5. by Erin on March 8, 2010  7:53 pm Reply

    The pictures are amazing! Bee you look gorgeous in them! Can't wait to meet little Emerson!

  6. by Lisa on March 8, 2010  8:04 pm Reply

    Wow Bridget these are so amazing! I love the last one with you on the bed the lighting and everything is gorgeous!

  7. by Jessica Hernandez on March 8, 2010  8:07 pm Reply

    These turned out so good and you looking amazing. I might need your photograpers info just in case I'm in the area. 2 pregnancies in and still no professional pics!! Lol. You look great!

  8. by Jessica Pera on March 8, 2010  8:58 pm Reply

    Wow! Breath taking!

  9. by Justin Daly on March 9, 2010  12:32 am Reply

    Beautiful pictures! Great job and congratulations again Bridget!

  10. by Suzanne Comfort on March 9, 2010  6:02 am Reply

    They all look amazing! You look gorgeous!

  11. by Cassie Hooks on March 9, 2010  6:18 am Reply

    The pictures are beautiful! I love them all!

  12. by Christy L. on March 9, 2010  6:52 am Reply

    Bridget you look awesome!!!!

  13. by Amber Bradford on March 9, 2010  7:35 am Reply

    Bridget, These are AMAZING!!! I love each and every one of them! You are beautiful!

  14. by Leslie Chaffee on March 9, 2010  8:26 am Reply

    These are BEAUTIFUL!

  15. by Alexandrea Moore on March 9, 2010  8:44 am Reply

    OMG!! I love love love them! My favorites are the side shot nakie one of you on your back, and the last one on the day bed! Theses are amazing shots, of a beautiful woman. Cant wait to see the rest!

  16. by Angela on March 9, 2010  9:14 am Reply

    WOW WOW WOW WOW! Bridget you are so beautiful, and not just because you are pregers. Your face is so soft, your smile is capturing and your baby bump makes it unforgetable! My favs, hmmmmm..... The one with all four hands on belly, the first one of you lying on the floor (bent and crossed legs) and the pic of you laying on the bed... you look like a godess! Major congrats! Your photographer has major talent!

  17. by Cathy Thompson on March 9, 2010  10:01 am Reply

    She captured you beautifully! You look great.

  18. by Jerin on March 9, 2010  12:38 pm Reply

    Bee!!!! How gorgeous (minus the Auburn one). Seriously can't choose a favorite! You're beatiful. Love you! J.

  19. by kimberly brown on March 9, 2010  3:51 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  20. by Donna Jones on March 9, 2010  5:29 pm Reply

    How groooovy Baby, yea! Really Bridge, you know I love 'em. Very Artsy, my fav is the one where you and Colby's hands are on your belly...precious. Also love the one where you are on the bed, the yoga one, and the first one of you laying down, on your back, very cool.

  21. by jeff (dad) on March 9, 2010  6:34 pm Reply

    WOW! must be the blood line! you look great Bridget. love Dad

  22. by Rachel Pope on March 9, 2010  6:43 pm Reply

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, Bridget! I think my favorite is the last one. It's so elegant! Pregnancy looks SO good on you!

  23. by Amber Paxton on March 9, 2010  9:03 pm Reply

    Breathtaking!! What a way to honor such a miracle.

  24. by Olivia Hannaford on March 10, 2010  10:23 am Reply

    Elles sont MAGNIFIQUES Arielles !!! Bravo bravo bravo :) I'm soooo lucky to be your niece ;) bisous xxx

  25. by Amber Tice on March 10, 2010  5:17 pm Reply

    I don't know you but I love every single one of these pics! My favorite is the last one with you on the bed. SO stunning! I also love the nude pics. They look so elegant and classy.

  26. by Jill Jones on March 10, 2010  6:49 pm Reply

    Beautiful. I love the one on the bed. You are going to make such a beautiful mom. I can't wait to meet Emerson.

  27. by Samantha on March 11, 2010  8:14 am Reply

    Arielle! WOW, these are so beautiful! And what a beatiful woman! :D

  28. by Jessie Thompson on March 12, 2010  9:03 am Reply

    Confession: I do not like maternity shots. However, these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the ones of her naked with the black backdrop. I might have to try some of those for myself this pregnancy!:)

  29. by Jeff & Katie Barker on March 14, 2010  8:06 am Reply

    This is wonderful. I wish more women would be confident enough to do a shoot like this. You really showcased the family intimacy.

  30. by sylvie daydie on March 15, 2010  2:24 am Reply

    tres jolie future maman !!! ses photos nues sont tres belles...

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