This handsome Dachshund gets his name from the very famous Bobby Bowden, current head college football coach of the Florida State University Seminoles. My knowledge in football is very limited, and I must admit I had never heard the name before, but I googled it, and was impressed to read about the very successful career of the head coach in non other than Wikipedia.
Soon after her wedding, Ashley decided to get a puppy, and the condition given by her groom, was that he chose the name. I’m going to take a wild guess here, and venture to say that they are fans of the Seminoles…
I used to be a “big dog kinda girl”, but ever since Coco walked into our lives, I’ve grown to really appreciate the smaller breads. Their big personalities make up for their small size, they have no idea how small they are. Bowden is a proud little guy, very much loved by his parents and grand parents (I’m so jealous, I wish the grand parents in our families offered sleepovers for Coco..).

Bowden will do anything for a treat, he can jump amazingly high, with his long ears flapping,

Can you see him smiling? No doubt he loves Ashley back, as much as she loves him!

Bowden’s daddy says he has a “sexy hour glass” figure, and from above he definitely does,


  1. by kathie sutton on May 4, 2009  3:39 pm Reply

    Arielle, these are too cute!! Of course I do have a cute "granddog" to use as the subject. We had a great time and he was worn out after the photo shoot and flirting with the precious CoCo. Thanks again

  2. by Ashley on May 4, 2009  4:11 pm Reply

    Thank you so much!!! They are perfect :)

  3. by Lacey Ray on May 5, 2009  9:54 am Reply

    You did an awesome job with B-boy's pictures. I'm sure it was a tough job getting him to sit still long enough. They are all so great I can't pick a favorite!

  4. by Scott Lim on May 7, 2009  8:15 am Reply

    I'm glad to see your starting this awesome service to pet owners!! Congrats and an awesome job!!!

  5. by patsy on May 9, 2009  8:58 am Reply

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, bboy!!! You are so cute. You look just like your granddad. LOLOLOLOLOL. Kidding of course. Now all we have to do is get you a sister! Nice job Arielle as always!!!! I think I am just going to have to bring Graciebelle have time?

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