Bonne Annee 2008

Back in business, not that I ever stopped, it was quite crazy around Christmas time. Then it was enjoying the holidays with the children, and finally thankful for school to start to get some things done!
I’m once again a student at PJC, in graphic design, I believe that will come in handy when designing wedding album. I also plan to offer soon a new approach to photographing children at home, make it more a day in your life, carrying on as usual, while I document all those details that will be so dear to you in the years to come. Then I will design a beautiful “coffee table” book with all those important moments.
I’m also thrilled with a new wedding photography workshop I signed up for October 2008, taught by some of the top world renowned photographers, Anie and Yervant from Australia, and Jim Garner with his wife (from the US) to assist. It promises to be a terrific learning experience. I’m really looking forward to it.
In photography, like in many other fields, there is always more to learn and I just love to improve and take great pride in my work. Like all the top photographers say: I just want to take it to the next level, and I don’t think there’s ever a finishing line, so I plan on taking more classes and workshops, indefinitely…
All right, enough with the chitchat, I have so many pictures to catch up with.
Here is a beautiful, in all meanings of the word, family.

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