One could say they took a very long time to start dating… Laura and Joe have known each other since they were wearing diapers. Only in college did they become a tandem, but they’ve been building a universe of memories since their early childhood. And when you hang out with them just a little you get a glimpse of their solid bond. It’s the strength and ease you find in couples who’ve been together a lifetime, with the spark of young love. I left our session last week with a happy feeling, witnessing and keeping track of their growing family. Cannon is now 5, Sarah 3, and Laura & Joe are expecting baby William in July.
I asked Laura and Joe to tell me in their own words how the transition from friends to being a couple happened.
Joe: I think there was a point in our college friendship when we began measuring the people we dated against one another.
Laura: There was a conscious moment that occurred many times when I thought someone wasn’t as funny as Joe or took themselves too seriously or wasn’t as broadly interested in everything like Joe. He’s the most fascinating person I know and no one else ever lived up to that.

Laura: When we finally decided to start dating it was just the next obvious step. We already loved each other as such close friends, but we did have to learn how to date one another, be romantic, impress each other. Still, being with each other has always been the easiest part of life. We’ve faced adventure, hope, work, great loss, and profound joy as partners with the same goal of making everyday a day we are glad to spend together. And I hope our love for our children is a reflection of that.

They let me barrow a few pictures of them together, the resemblance between children to parents is striking in this first one.

Laura’s prom,





  1. by Deanie on March 13, 2012  6:08 am Reply

    These are all beautiful photographs Arielle. They were very lucky to have you photograph them. They are one of my favorite families. I know they are thrilled

  2. by Jenni on March 13, 2012  6:46 am Reply

    Laura you look gorgeous! I love love these pictures! They will look great on the wall with the new hardwood floors! Arielle- You are amazing as always!

  3. by Deb D. on March 13, 2012  7:32 am Reply

    Yep. I changed both their diapers (and I'm not talking about the kids)! I'm a pretty proud big sis and aunt. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous -- they're all so photogenic! Will have to get my little clan down from New Jersey for some Pensacola pics with you Arielle. I haven't seen a bad one yet that you've taken!!

  4. by Lacy on March 13, 2012  1:13 pm Reply

    Wow wow wow wow!!! Arielle, beautiful photos as always and the blog entry was so touching! I knew these two in college and remember the spark that was there before they even knew it. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family and a special keepsake of the family of 4 before they become 5!

  5. by Laura on March 13, 2012  6:12 pm Reply

    Arielle, thank you! This all came together so beautifully, from your first idea to your last edit. You got great shots even when the kids were less than cooperative; you made a harried, tired mama feel like a million bucks; and you showed me that charming boyish side of Joe I love so much! We will love these!

  6. by Bunny Gamble on March 16, 2012  7:03 am Reply

    Laura, these are absolutely wonderful. How special to have the four of you so beautifully portrayed. You will just have to do it again next year! Love, Aunt Bunny

  7. by Michelle Flynn on March 18, 2012  12:16 pm Reply

    Laura and Joe- Your pictures are soooo inspiring. The photos really capture you the essence of you! So lovely.

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