Blake, Gulf Breeze class of 2018

And just after I announced I wasn’t photographing seniors, I will be posting 5 more seniors from this 2018 class. I had some prior engagements to this notice, and will continue to service past clients if they request it, but I would rather dedicate my time to maternity and newborn photography and do not plan on taking on new senior clients.
However, getting to meet and photograph a fine young man like Blake almost made me want to reconsider this decision! It was such a pleasure to spend an afternoon with him and his sweet mother. It seems that Blake is already a public figure in our community with his passion and involvement in politics. He has already, in high school, made a name for himself in the political world with many local appearances. He was also chosen last summer by the 2017 Boys Nation as presidential candidate, meeting many of our political leaders and the President. He has won with the gulf Breeze team The State’s champions of Mock Trials. He is an accomplished athlete and has had a very successful tennis season along with his Gulf Breeze Dolphin team. He has a big heart; this past fall he celebrated 10 years of The Bake sale, a fundraiser he founded for the Ronald McDonald house. In those 10 years, nearly $80,000 were raised to donate to the charity! He will be attending Harvard in the fall. This boy filled with gratitude is going places!
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Oh the places you will go!


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