Big Sky

6 days in snow, it felt wonderful! A little cold, very cold actually, although the locals complained it was a hot winter… I must have become a Floridian all the way now, because it just felt freezing to me. We’ve been going to Big Sky several times, and the beautiful landscape has me in awe every time, the light there is remarkable perhaps because the horizon is so distant, perhaps because of the mountains… I wish I could hold some photography sessions there, just dreaming a little.
6 days of leisure time went by real quick, between visiting some special friends, skiing (lots of skiing), and an amazing dog sledding adventure. You must check out Jason’s website, visit his facebook page, and if you ever visit the area, you MUST treat yourself to mushing through the mountains of Montana, it is an exhilarating and nostalgic way to travel through the wild country-quieter than snowmobiles, faster than skies or snowshoes. Jason, his team and his 50 (yep 50!!!) Alaskan huskies breed dogs are THE deal, I strongly recommend it. Before we embarked, the dogs were in a state of great excitement, loud, impatient to be let loose and run, which they did with great enthusiasm and in total silence. It was magic!

Jumping, barking, waiting to get going,

Gorgeous “paysage”, breath taking through out,

My happy team all bundled up,


Little kamikazes ready to take the slopes.

Yep, this is the view, any chair lift will bring you to something like this, a very distant horizon with spreading mountains, it is “BIG SKY country”

A little self portrait,

Will was psyched to show me what he learned this past summer in snowboarding camp in France, 2 weeks and he’s flying!

The runs are yours, hardly anyone to share with, and with the 5 days of snow, it was powder everywhere, as if we had gone off track, perfect conditions.

Nested in the middle of all these mountains, Big Sky

This was Meg’s first time on a snowboard, within 4 days, she moved up through the first 4 of 6 levels,

My Loulou, rocking her skis,

Like I said “flying”

Meg, a very happy girl! Totally enjoying it,

And it it weren’t for a nice stranger, there would be no record of me on this family trip, here I am, all terrorist-style with my favorite people.


  1. by Gail Tully on February 29, 2012  5:39 pm Reply

    Just fantastic photos of you all!

  2. by Frederique on March 1, 2012  9:53 am Reply

    Super cool!!! Ah ca me manque la neige, le ski!!!!! Ca fait rever..... Ca change un peu de tes photos de bebes mais comme d'habitude tu as su attraper la belle lumiere. Quand a faire une session photo la bas, je ne suis pas sure que les bebe apprecient beaucoup d'avoir les fesses a l'air sur la neige...

  3. by MT on March 29, 2012  12:52 am Reply

    Heureusement que je n'étais pas la! j'aurais été morte de peur, j'en ai la chair de poule .......

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