Beautiful sweet children

Hello everyone. Once again I had the privilege to photograph this beautiful family. They’re all soooo sweet! I was greeted by huge smiles, and when the session was over I received the biggest hugs and kisses. They just melted my heart…
David, with always a grin on his face:

Anthony, busy and inquisitive little man,
Precious little Yana,

And Flora,

We did some dress up, I love Yana’s flashy Boa’s crown

Anthony was superman, and soon he was climbing up the tree in the background,

I wonder what was in Flora’s mind at that moment, and I love her expression in this image.

Around that building, David found some rolly-poly bugs (I’m sure they have very scientific name, but that’s the only one I know) he carefully kept one in a hallow acorn, and gave it his best care. As it was time to leave, I noticed he had turned his cup holder in his mother’s nice car into a natural habitat for his new friend.

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