Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis wedding Photography workshop in Boston

Time flies!
I returned home to the US barely 12 days ago and have already completed an absolute wonderful wedding photography workshop (again) with world top wedding photographers, Bambi Cantrell and Jerry Ghionis, and got my 3 children all situated with their first day of school today (big successful day for all 3!), let’s not even talk about the loads of laundry and the scary huge pile of mail waiting for me after 7 weeks out of the country (although my husband did a great job of paying bills on time).
This last workshop took place in Boston, Bambi and Jerry both hold some very impressive photography curriculum and are today’s wedding photographers icon. Their teaching was excellent and covered so many areas of the business, from marketing , photography technique, understanding of light, equipment, editing, to the photographer’s social skills… We had some beautiful models to pose and photograph in the streets of Boston, and I met some extraordinary talented photographers who came from all around the USA.
Here are a few images I took during those memorable 3 and half days:

Coming up soon, some baby pictures and a couple weddings I was fortunate to attend to in France, in beautiful country side.

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