Baby as Art workshop

2 weeks ago I treated myself to a wonderful workshop, from the Baby as Art team, Carrie Sandoval and Brittany Woodall. It was a very short workshop, 2 days in all, limited to only 6 attendees (so so nice compare to the big groups of 20-30 attending wedding photography workshops). I have been a huge fan of their work for a while and was so excited to found out they were willing to share their skills. I love going to workshops, they’re very intense, I always meet wonderful people (who all share the same photography passion), I always learn and come back a better photographer. I wondered beforehand how Britt and Carrie would be able to show us the many poses they are so famous for, after all didn’t it all depends on their little model’s mood? They’ve been described as “baby whisperer”, and I witnessed first hand their ability to sooth the babies. With a total of 6 little models, including a set of identical boy twins, they demonstrated the many poses I was so eager to see them perform. We each had time to photograph the sweet babies, and fallowing are the pictures I took, once Carrie and Britt had work their magic.

Lincoln, 14 days old was our first model,

The twin boys (Harlan and I think Justin), 13 days

The only girl, Shea 5 days old,

Bryden, 10 days,

Holden, the youngest at 4 days. His big sister, Parker came with their lovely mom.


  1. by patsy on November 30, 2009  5:53 pm Reply

    HOLY MOLY!!! These are totally AMAZING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEEE them!!!!!

  2. by gina on December 1, 2009  9:39 pm Reply

    these are beautiful, arielle... it was a pleasure to meet you!!

  3. by Rochelle DeLisle on December 2, 2009  10:29 pm Reply

    I love them! The knot on the one with the teal wrap it very nice. Did you tie it? I love them!

  4. by Terri Ludvigsen on December 5, 2009  6:37 pm Reply

    Lovely! Your baby pictures always are. Love the proud big sister.

  5. by Sheryl on December 5, 2009  11:09 pm Reply

    Oh Arielle these are gorgeous!!! It was such a pleasure meeting you that weekend! You are such a great person to talk to! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! Keep up the good work! :)

  6. by Julie on December 16, 2009  1:09 pm Reply

    Jen, She's absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me miss my babies when they were that tiny. Great photos, thanks for sharing! XO J

  7. by cassandra on February 22, 2010  12:38 pm Reply

    I am so very curious about the balancing baby shot ( I have also heard of it called a potato-sack shot)....How on earth do you accomplish this (composite??)? I have heard a few assumptions, but none that I would be willing to try on my own child let alone somebody else's. Any tips on it?

  8. by Eric {Red Lotus Baby Photography} on July 12, 2011  1:11 am Reply

    These are all simply stunning!! I have to ask you what & where did you find that fantastic prop in #10 - LOVE that look :)

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