Oh my! It’s been almost a month since my last entry. It’s not for lack of work, I’ve had some real cuties as models… We also had a fantastic family vacation, skiing in Big Sky, Montana, beautiful conditions and weather, a blast for all. Time to share a few of the beautiful newborns. First is Jackson, a sweetheart. I love his parents, his dad is a great tennis pro around here, his mom and I used to play together in the tennis women’s league. Feels like a long time ago…

It took us a little while to get Jackson to sleep, but then we got some great shots.  He just loved to stretch.

And here is Lennon, whom I first photograph while still in her mommy’s belly, then as a newborn and now already 4 months.  Time flies.  She is just adorable, love those little rolls…

And last, miss Ellison soo cute!  Her parents drove 4 hours for this session, that is the best compliment ever, I was VERY flattered, and I hope they will enjoy these pictures.

The dad is definitely what I call a “modern man”, totally at ease with the baby and knows what to do, how to handle his beautiful little girl.  There are more like him, and they absolutely amaze me, although my husband is a wonderful dad, he had no clue, maybe that’s harsh, he just wasn’t all that confident.  Mothers always seem to have that innate caring, but I love to see it in the fathers too.


  1. by Bandele Zuberi on March 12, 2008  8:59 am Reply

    Great job Arielle, your newborn images are really top class! Nice to see you blogging again and I hope you'll share some of your images from your fantastic family vacation! Take care.

  2. by SomersetSouthCarolina on March 16, 2008  6:04 pm Reply

    I really love the last photo.

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