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  • Paris Wedding Photography workshop 2

  • Day 1 was quite intense, after a portrait in natural light lesson at the hotel, we all (20 of us) went to the Louvre and on to Notre Dame. We provided a good bit of entertainment with our heavy equipment, we appeared as paparazzi following 2 Hollywood celebreties! and the locals didn't want to miss an opportunity to meet our stars!Rachel, our beautiful model. Rachel and Sherry posed for us endlessly with always a beautiful smile and grace, thank you to you both.Sherry in front of the Louvres, [...]
  • Paris workshop 1

  • What a wonderful experience this workshop was!Great teaching by 2 of the top leading wedding photographers, Scott Robert and Kim Nodurft, in beautiful Paris, France.All the stars were aligned for these amazing 5 days, the weather was nice, the group of photographers was just awesome people. It was, as our British fellows were saying, brillant.More pictures to come in the folowing days.