Anne & Jimmy

A quick sneak peek of your E session. It’s spring break here, my parents are visiting from France with some friends, and we’re staying with them at the beach. I’m no beach bum, and the water is not warm enough for me to even want to try to dip my feet, but my children are having the best time swimming! ( while I watch wrapped up in towels).
Back to the pictures, I was warned that Jimmy was somewhat camera shy. Not so, I had a great time taking pictures. These 2 are so much in love that they glow, they’re a beautiful match and it shows in every picture.
I’m working on my laptop, so I hope the colors won’t be too much off.

While Anne changed dresses, I made a little friend, I tried my best feline approach, but he didn’t really care for me to get too close.  I love how they do that big red goiter.

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