Anne & Jimmy

A little sneak peak at what’s to come… Just a few pictures that tell the story of this beautiful day, how Jimmy and Anne are now husband and wife. They are so much in love and have a bright future ahead of them, both physicians about to start their carriers.
There had been rumors of possible storms, but the skies cleared up and it was a perfect day.
The ceremony was held in the sanctuary of Christ Church, and the reception was on the grounds of Bay Moorrings, property of DeeDee Reilly, a dear friend of the family’s.
The talented Debbie Turner from Celebrations, dressed up the majestic oaks, lights were strategically placed on the trees to create a feerique (sorry I had to use the french word, the english translation is magical, but it doesn’t describe it as well) ambiance.

Scattered on the lawn were the buffet tables adorned with magnificent bouquets, and the most delicious food, a fusion of low country and Southern cuisine, from Nancy Silivos
And I had with me Dorene Nash, a super creative Mobile based photographer, without whom I wouldn’t even consider covering a wedding.
On with the images, first some details in the parish hall, getting ready.

Anne was so elegant and classy. Look at the delicate earrings, they designed them.



They opted to meet before the ceremony,

Anne has many friends and wouldn’t leave anyone out, so there were 7 bridesmaids in the pretty grey dresses and 9 honorary bridesmaids in the cute black dresses.

Jimmy, too has many friends…

A few minutes before walking down the aisle, the girls are just chatting and having a good time, they would make a nice spread inside a bridal magazine.

The guys are just as relaxed,

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this funny little detail: while photographing the cutting of the cake scene, Dorene’s pants caught on fire! The steps leading to the covered porch, where the beautiful and out-of-this-world delicious cakes throned, were lit by many little candles. Dorene, eyes glued to her view finder, busy recording the moment, didn’t notice how close she was to the edge and the flame… and next thing her pants are on fire… that is dedication to your job!

The day was extra special as it was also Anne’s parents’ anniversary, and this happy group was their wedding party,

The band, Power House (in Mobile, AL) had everyone on the dance floor, and then on stage,

Leaving under a rain of flower petals,


  1. by Scott Lim on December 2, 2008  5:04 pm Reply

    wow, outstanding job Arielle!! Great light, some killer poses and awesome post processing. what is not to like??

  2. by David Purslow on December 2, 2008  5:14 pm Reply


    Simply stunning, the B+G will be over the moon with these, I am so jealous of the light you guys have over there, here is it is just dull :-( - can see a little bit of the 'V' influences coming out and it looks good, the great thing is you put into practice what you have learned - well done


  3. by Brian Baker on December 2, 2008  5:46 pm Reply

    Great job Arielle. I second the awesome processing! I love the dress in he first group of photos. The color and light behind the dress is incredible and gives it a floating in air feel.

  4. by Dorene Nash on December 2, 2008  6:39 pm Reply

    Fabulous job Arielle! I love the processing of the images... You're a great wedding photographer, and I love second shooting with you! It was a magical day except for the part of me standing over the candle! ha! Can't wait to see the album!

  5. by Patsy on December 2, 2008  7:29 pm Reply

    HOLY MOLY SISTER!!!! You did an AMAZING job!!! I am in total awe. Just STUNNING my friend. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.


  6. by Linda Tamarpirat on December 2, 2008  7:57 pm Reply

    WOW Arielle these are georgeous!!!! Great job!!!

  7. by Gayle Iest on December 2, 2008  10:43 pm Reply

    Arielle, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done!!!

  8. by Ray Nikyuluw on December 2, 2008  10:59 pm Reply

    It's official...your awesome! : - ) I especially loved the images you displayed in black in white (details, of the couple and the group of the couple dancing at the reception). Great use of light and off camera strobes. The last shot of the "rain of flower petals" is well planned and wonderfully executed. Your clients should be extremely happy with your work. Congrats Arielle!

  9. by Chantal Milaine on December 3, 2008  7:25 am Reply


    Absolutely fantastic job! You had nothing to be nervous about. Great job, and the blog looks great too!

  10. by Anne Cook on December 3, 2008  8:25 am Reply


    I couldn't be any happier! These are so much more than what I thought wedding pictures could be; each and every one of them brings back a storm of emotions for me. I hope that you had a fun time during the wedding, these pictures are just what I need right now to serve as a little reminder!! Thank you so much for everything!

  11. by Kee Cook on December 3, 2008  10:03 am Reply

    The pictures are beyond word!!!! WOW!! Everyone of them. Thank You for everything! Kee

  12. by Cover Cook on December 3, 2008  10:22 am Reply


    What a great job!! You captured the love between Jimmy and Anne perfectly. The excitement, elegance, and joy of the evening is displayed in every picture. They are fantastic pictures!

  13. by Naki on December 3, 2008  10:59 am Reply


    Great work... These are incredible images. What's even more amazing is the story you're able to convey. Keep up the great work!!!

  14. by LIBBY DOYLE on December 3, 2008  11:15 am Reply




  15. by Andre Hall on December 3, 2008  11:30 am Reply

    WOW!!! What beautiful pictures! Michelle and I continue to be impressed with your eye for detail and ability to capture the mood. We can clearly see the love this couple has for each other. These pictures artfully capture beautiful moments that are priceless and frozen in time. We wish the happy couple all of the best in life. We look forward to the beautiful pictures that are sure to come from our wedding.

    Michelle and Andre' Hall

  16. by Anne Brewer on December 3, 2008  12:05 pm Reply

    These photograghs are exquisite with an element of sophistication that you just don't find with the average photogragher! You definitely have an eye for what works, not to mention the incredible training to which you have availed yourself! Pensacola is fortunate to have you here and I wish you the best as you continue to grow as a premier photogragher.

  17. by Gurm Sohal on December 3, 2008  1:30 pm Reply

    Amazing work Arielle! I especially love your off camera lighting and the post processing really puts your work over the top. Congrats!


  18. by Bandele Zuberi on December 3, 2008  1:56 pm Reply

    BRILLIANT!!!!! Arielle you've done an amazing job, really, I'm blown away! I'm so happy for you! You deserve huge success from hereon in!

  19. by phill coe (from Venice!) on December 3, 2008  2:05 pm Reply

    hey Arielle
    i guess you were paying attention during Yervant´s class because these images are amazing! Only kidding, you obviously have an abundance of natural talent. Really fab shots, Arielle, well done! Phill

  20. by Lyssa on December 3, 2008  8:44 pm Reply

    wow is that the wedding that u were nervous about ?? I am confused now... ok Arielle u need to get a grip !! THIS IS FABULOUS !! FAB!! :)!!!

  21. by Casey McCormick on December 5, 2008  10:49 pm Reply

    Amazing job! Really, these are beautiful. They must be thrilled! Congrats :)

  22. by Terri Craney on December 10, 2008  7:22 am Reply

    C'est photos etes tres jolie! Joyeux Noel. Terri Craney (la copine de Tim Ludvigsen)

  23. by Jaclyn on December 11, 2008  10:57 am Reply

    Oh my goodness, Arielle! You did such an absolutely gorgeous job! YOU are AMAZING!!! And, what a party! Magnifique!

  24. by Chrissy Parsons on July 9, 2009  7:13 pm Reply

    You look amazingggg! All of these are so beautiful (:

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