I had such a good time photographing Alisa, one of my daughter’s friend. She has the most beautiful hair, angelic face and is lots of fun. I forgot to mention energy, she has more than I’ve ever seen, if only I had 1/10 of it…

And her smile!, she’s beautiful in any mood, but when she smiles, it’s radiant.

Her favorite doll, Madeleine, is one of my favorite characters too. We share a lot in common, just like her I went to an all girl boarding school, with a very similar uniform, in Paris, France.

Love that pram,


  1. by Suzanne on June 7, 2008  10:25 am Reply

    Arielle, we love the photos and have received so many wonderful compliments on your ability to capture Alisa's personality in so many fabulous photos.

  2. by Suzanne's friends on June 23, 2008  1:26 pm Reply

    Hey Suzanne,

    Great site! I really enjoyed all the pictures of Alisa
    as well as the other families' living portraits. I
    read about the Hoyt team, and found their picture here
    really inspiring too. Thanks for brightening my day
    with these. Thank you Polina Alisa for brightening my
    day with your fun pictures. Take care. I will see you
    in August.



    Layna says

    OK, Suzanne.....OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! She is so stunningly beautiful, the photos brought tears to my eyes!

    Audrey says

    Oh my God! What beautiful pictures! She looks like a model for some French kid's clothing magazine.

    Poussinette says

    We loved the pictures! Thank you for sending them to us.

    Sophia says

    What beautiful photos of Polina!! She is naturally very photogenic.

  3. by Angela Sessions on July 2, 2008  9:03 am Reply

    The pictures are great!! Lia and Anastasia are beautiful!!

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