Alisa, Anastasia and Lia

I recently photographed Alisa, but this time her godmothers came along, and we took advantage of Pensacola’s beautiful beach. Anastasia and Lia are sisters, both in college and were visiting for a short time. I had a great time with the 3 of them, Alisa is smitten with her gorgeous godmothers, and was very patient with us.

The girls are just striking. I love the contrast of their beautiful long dark hair, Olive skin and Alisa’s blond curls with her fair complexion.

Alisa didn’t care to get to close to the waves, but was very happy in her godmother’s arms.

So, we whipped up this neat little structure for the purpose of the shoot… not really, we just got lucky, found it there, and used it as a prop.

Anastasia and Lia didn’t take one single bad shot, they just have that natural beauty about them, and that very Mediterranean look, coming from their Greek roots.


  1. by Suzanne on June 23, 2008  9:43 pm Reply


    We love love love the photos of the girls! The images are so beautiful we are having trouble narrowing down our favorites.

  2. by Patsy on June 24, 2008  8:38 pm Reply

    Oh sister these are TOTALLY fabulous!!!!! YOU, are the bomb!!!!

    Miss ya,

  3. by Audrey on June 27, 2008  10:05 am Reply

    I just love all the smiles! The lighting is so beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. by Evangelia on June 29, 2008  7:47 pm Reply

    You did a fabulous job! All the pictures look great! I enjoyed the shoot at the beach and meeting you! We are still trying to decide on our favorites!!!

  5. by Anastasia on June 29, 2008  7:56 pm Reply

    All of the pictures turned out really well--I think that we are going to have a family vote to try and figure out the ones we like best! ... and Polina looks like a little angel playing on the beach in all of her pictures!

  6. by Michael on June 29, 2008  8:08 pm Reply

    The photographs are all very real; the natural backdrops add true depth. The picture is so much more than just the pose. You captured genuine feelings and expressions.

    Nice job!

  7. by Irene on June 29, 2008  8:20 pm Reply

    The girls had a wonderful time doing the photo shoot. You did an excellent job capturing the beauty of all three girls. I'm having difficulty deciding on my favorites.

  8. by Christina on July 1, 2008  11:49 am Reply

    What beautiful pictures and beautiful girls! You did a wonderful job!

  9. by Patti on July 1, 2008  3:07 pm Reply

    Wow! and Wow! Absolutely amazing photos with absolutely amazing subjects( I know...)

  10. by Mike Zurlo on June 25, 2009  7:29 am Reply

    Very nice photographs of Chrissy. Tasteful and playful. I like the locations of the photos as they seem to bring out the essence in Chrissy. Very well done.

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