Alec & Colbie

Web friends, you must all know by now that I LOVE photographing babies, mostly because I just love them. But never until now, have I had the chance to photograph twins. When stephanie contacted me, I was thrilled. I did, however, wonder if it would be a huge time commitment to get 2 babies to go through all the ritual of my poses. But it turned out to be one of the easiest shoot ever, they were both angels, and slept pretty much through it all. There were plenty of loving arms to hold them. It could also be that they had a sleepless night before, and when I came to their house, maybe it was finally time for them to rest. (Note to self: maybe I should suggest to parents in the future to keep their little ones up all night?) Either way, it was a delight to photograph them and meet this beautiful, blessed family. Be prepared they’re just the cutest and sweetest babies!
Meet Colbie on the left and Alec on the right.

It’s so cute, it looks like Alec is wispering something to Colbie.


  1. by Sonja & Chuck Leach on November 30, 2008  8:10 pm Reply

    Great job Arielle! It was a pleasure to work with you. Your organizational skills made everything run smoothly. Your artistic talent became obvious as we watched you set up the many poses. Thank you for the wonderful photos of our two newest grandchildren; Colbie and Alec. After our first 7 grandchildren, we thought we had seen about every pose possible; but you added many that we had not seen before. Thanks for a great experience.

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