This past week, the UPS man (bless him, he’s a modern version of Santa dressed in a brown outfit), came to my door almost everyday. He’s Coco favorite too, because he always has a gigantic milk bone for her, on top of my packages.
All the way from Italy, I received 3 enormous box, from Graphi Studio. I opened them in a hurry, heart pounding, soon had the floor covered in bubble wraps, and on my dinning room table sat 3 beautiful albums. These are the epitome of my efforts to present my images in a perfect showcase. After seeing these, holding these, touching the thick pages, smelling the leather, turning the pages, seeing your pictures “in big”, you’ll want one too! When working the layout, I had in mind an elegant design, with clean lines, simple, that will stand the test of time, rather than trendy.
I wish to give all my clients such a treat, these aren’t just a wedding celebration. A new born, a soon-to-leave-your-house-high-school-senior-child, children growing… all deserve a timeless presentation, to pass generations down.
I like to be prepared for the worse, and often run down the list of my most valuable things to save in case of fleeing the house in an emergency: aside from us, all living members of the family, I really couldn’t live without the pictures. ( I love photography:) Seriously, the pictures make the moment past, alive again, they’re the most precious souvenirs to our memories. They give eternity to an instant. That, deserves the best treatment, should be handled with care, and is a treasure.

My happy pile of treasures. The smallest album on the top is an exact smaller copy of the biggest album at the bottom, it’s a “parent book”.

The cover options are endless, classic leather, modern metal, clear… The shapes and sizes of the albums are also plenty. Here, I choose a square black leather, with a square window opening, and linen pages.

I’m also loving these little (5-1/4″x 3-3/4″) albums, perfect replicas of a bigger album, wonderful gifts for family, friends, or wedding party. A perfect size to keep in your purse.

Click on the “button” below to view an example of the layout design. Imagine, the spread you are seeing are 27 inches by 9-3/4 on a metallic paper, sweet!

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  1. by Jessie Thompson on June 14, 2009  9:01 am Reply

    I want some now! I need to get going on them...:)

  2. by Tami Saleska on June 15, 2009  5:14 am Reply

    Very cool.. I can't wait to see in person

  3. by Kristin on June 16, 2009  7:17 am Reply

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Love it...

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