A little tribute to Olivia

I’ve mentioned lately a special visitor from France, and thought I would post a couple pictures from this past summer. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my niece returned to home, and we miss her! We were very fortunate she chose to spend her winter brake with us. To my children, she’s a dream caring big sister, to me she was a valuable assistant and such wonderful company. She’s left me dreaming and hoping my daughters will grow up to be as charming, lovely, responsible, and mature as she is.
She’s also strikingly beautiful!


  1. by Jessie Thompson on March 18, 2010  8:49 am Reply

    Wow! She is a beauty! I am sure that she learned a lot from you and misses your family too. How wonderful that you can spend so much time together!

  2. by sharon kafie on March 18, 2010  10:25 am Reply

    She is a very pretty girl and your photos are amazing.

  3. by sylvie daydie on April 2, 2010  2:31 am Reply

    c est la plus belle, nananinanere !!!!! les photos sont tres reussies !!!

  4. by Peyton Parra on April 5, 2010  1:57 pm Reply

    She is very pretty! Her pics turned out fab!

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