A little bit of us

I don’t always think of sharing pictures of us on the blog, but here are a few I took this past spring, when our little cousins from Washington came for a visit.

Tayloe, Olivia, Magalie, Will and John.

Every Christmas, as part of their wish list, my children ask for a little brother… not happening! John makes a wonderful little brother when he’s around, otherwise Coco (our sweet little dog) fulfills her duty of being the 4th child in this family.

Tayloe just turned 8 this weekend!!!

This image gives him a bit of a mischievous look, you wonder …if the hose had been turned on, wouldn’t he have just loved to get me with it? No doubt.

You never know what you will get when prompting a jump, Tayloe you win the prize!


  1. by Melissa Hathaway on November 17, 2010  7:33 am Reply

    Haven't been to your blog in a while! These are absolutely gorgeous! Seriously...they look like something out of a magazine! Scrolled through a few of your recent senior posts as well....simply stunning!

  2. by Rose on November 25, 2010  12:48 pm Reply

    Meg, Olive, Will vous etes trop beaux!!!! J'ai hate de vous voir ♥♥♥♥♥ !!!!!!!!!!! ☺☻

  3. by Ray Nikyuluw on November 26, 2010  10:33 pm Reply

    Amazing photographs! A beautiful collection. Your kids are beautiful....Missing in the collection is an image of you, but then again, you are in the beautiful faces of each of your children! Thanks for sharing!

  4. by Olivia on December 27, 2010  6:31 am Reply

    Vraiment magnifiques tes enfants !!! Et très émouvantes ces photos pleines d'amour ... Encore et toujours bravo !!!
    Bonne fêtes et excellente nouvelle année en espérant qu'elle nous donnera l'occasion de nous revoir !!!

  5. by diana williams on January 11, 2011  6:56 am Reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOve these pictures. The poses are wonderful. So Much like Anne Geddis. THe babies are so beautiful. Especially love the one of the entire family.

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