A bug’s life

Not really a bug life.  Tomorrow I’m leaving with my children for my annual breath of fresh air, my return to my roots, my heaven on earth, France, precisely Aix-en-Provence.  If you’ve never been, make it a goal in your life, have it on your list of places you must see at least once.  I never tire of the landscape, the smell of lavender, the colorful markets, my native language…  One typical sound in Provence is that of the loud “cigales” (in english: cicada or commonly known as crickets).  In the summer they can be heard through out Provence, so much so, they have become somewhat of a symbol of the area.  They are not particularly beautiful creatures, but are fascinating.  In all my life in Provence, I’ve only seen one, perched on a tree.  When they hear us, or see us coming, they become real quiet, and it’s hard to find them.  This past week, in Pensacola, I’ve seen 2!!!  The first one appeared on my porch table, dead.  I immediately pulled out my camera and my macro lens and begin photographing the famous bug.  The second time, was only a couple of days later, leaving Jerry’s after a dinner with friends.  The rather big bug was outside buzzing under their porch light, and had us all ducking (around here, you would expect a flying roach… nothing too exciting to land on your body).  I’m posting the pictures I took of the dead one, on our porch.  Pretty soon, I will be happily listening to their chant, until then I have to take a couple of planes… I don’t even want to think about it.  Our trip is a long one, 7 weeks, I have several session planed in France, but first will enjoy a great family reunion for my great aunt’s 100th birthday!!!  I may not blog much for the next 10 days, but then keep visiting, because I will share some of my travels with the beauties of my home land.  It’s late, I better start to pack…
I will be checking my emails frequently, and will be able to respond, however I won’t be using my phone for the next few weeks.

This is my family’s home in “Franche Comté” (by the Switzerland border), it is several century old (built somewhere in the 1500). It holds many memories for many generations in my family. This is a spread part of a book I will be offering my parents, with last summer’s pictures.

The next 2 spreads are for my pleasure, souvenirs of the markets,

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  1. by sylvie daydie on July 1, 2009  7:37 am Reply

    ca sent les marches d aix !!!!!!

  2. by Rochelle DeLisle on July 1, 2009  10:12 pm Reply

    Arielle, I love the spreads above. The colors and vividness are amazing. You are truly and amazing photographer and have a lot to offer the world with your photos. I can't wait to see more.

  3. by Yvonne Boudreaux on July 5, 2009  6:07 pm Reply

    I hope you have a wonderful trip!!! Love the photos above!!! WOW!!!!

  4. by doanli on July 9, 2009  7:58 pm Reply

    Where you are from seems like the most beautiful place in the world.

    I am from Pensacola, currently living in South Carolina (another most beautiful place) and have enjoyed your photography here very much.

    My mother, now deceased, was taken very good care of by your husband, hence, I remember the name.

    Please keep this blog going, I have been bitten by the photography bug! Your work is AMAZING. :)

  5. by Jessie Thompson on August 17, 2009  12:41 pm Reply

    Is there anything that you can not make amazing? Seriously? You can make an ugly dead bug look and sound amazing! You are so gifted. And the spreads for your parents? They look like first class magazine spreads. Once again, you inspire me to do better...

    By the way, my heart has been aching to return to Europe lately and you definitely did not help!!!:)

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