Oh, how I love to come across these little gems of childhood wisdom. Magalie is always drawing, in fact all 3 of my children are always sneaking into my computer room to steal some of my printing paper, to draw. Yesterday, several new drawings were left on the kitchen table, and this morning I found this one along with an elaborate map of a fantasy world (Tëradorá, a new story Will is working on), and a “pizza” newspaper hat (an Olivia creation). All treasures, but this one especially. Meg is only 8 years old, but she has her life priorities straight: a huge big red heart for Love, happy parents, lots of relative, water, a healthy meal (notice the green broccoli, good girl!), a very non-pretentious house and simple clothes (“closess”).
Will, Meg and miss O each own my heart. They are a million different ways to love, but the love a mother holds for her children just cannot be measured, and no words seem powerful enough to describe the intensity of the emotion either. I am blessed everyday with the love these 3 beautiful souls give back to me.
This should be a mother’s day post!
On a side note, I gave myself the day off and went shopping with a sister-girlfriend. I hadn’t been out in a long time and was squealing with delight when I saw the bright cheerful colors in the one and only store we went to. I totally splurged and could probably fill out a J Crew catalog with my big bag of purchase! I’m set for the spring, and summer, no more shopping for Arielle.

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