9 years old!

Magalie is 9, and it seems that just yesterday she was a newborn in my arms. We had some of her friends over to celebrate her last single digit birthday. It was the first day of cooler weather here in Pensacola. The kids called it “freezing”, a bit of an exaggeration… The girls went outside, tried out Meg’s new jump rope, all decked out for a winter day, had a glorious time in this delightful temperature, and I pulled my camera out of the bag.

Mimi, Meg, Lizzy, and Frannie

Vive l’automne! We don’t have much of the fall leaves in the beautiful red, orange and yellow hues, but it’s still fun to toss what we have in the air,

After a few minutes of running around, the initial “freezing cold” day wore off. I love their “bad-girls-on-scooter” look!


  1. by Lisee on October 21, 2009  11:44 am Reply

    YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Wow!!!!!!!!!! lisee

  2. by Rochelle DeLisle on October 21, 2009  6:02 pm Reply

    Love the LOGO! She is beautiful, as are both of your other kids. Looks like they had a blast!

  3. by Jeff on October 22, 2009  5:19 am Reply


  4. by Gina on October 22, 2009  5:56 am Reply

    Adorable...you always do such a great job!

  5. by Evelyn on October 22, 2009  10:03 pm Reply

    I would have left Lily in town had I know you were gonna do photos of the girls....she was sorry she missed it.....and I definitely wont be showing her these!! Precious!! Happy Birthday to sweet Magalie!

  6. by Jessie Thompson on October 23, 2009  9:18 am Reply

    Oh what fun memories for these four! They are so beautifully done I cannot even imagine that in 20 years they will look back and giggle at how they looked (don't we all do that with our childhood images?).

    By the way, are you sure that they are only 9/10? They look like they feel about 16!:)

  7. by Maria Owens on November 11, 2009  2:18 am Reply

    Wow the kids look great. Can't wait to see them soon. Arielle, we will definitely be contacting you when we are in town! Beautiful work!

  8. by Mary Taylor on January 3, 2010  10:45 pm Reply

    Magalie is seriously one of my favorite kids to babysit! And i love her boots!

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