3 more days…

and we board the plane. They’re expecting snow this weekend in my dear Provence, wow, the kids are going to be besides themselves!
Again, a beautiful family to share. I know I always say that, but beautiful is what they are. I’ve been photographing little Emma since she was a newborn and she just gets lovelier every time I see her. Brian, her big brother, is a sweet handsome little guy too, I love the pictures with his mom Julie. Greg (dad) is totally wrapped around Emma’s little finger, their pictures together melt my heart. Emma was telling me how Greg is “my daddy”.

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  1. by Steph on December 14, 2009  5:06 pm Reply

    beautiful pictures!!! What a great looking family!

  2. by katie on December 14, 2009  5:08 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos!

  3. by Sabine Orlando on December 14, 2009  5:09 pm Reply

    Love,Love the pictures ! What a beautiful family !

  4. by alicia on December 14, 2009  5:19 pm Reply

    Amazing pictures, everyone looks great!

  5. by Michelle on December 14, 2009  5:27 pm Reply

    What a gorgeous family!

  6. by aimee on December 14, 2009  7:15 pm Reply

    THese are beautiful, Julie! What a wonderful photographer!!! I especially love the sweet black and white ones.

  7. by sara on December 14, 2009  7:35 pm Reply

    such beautiful pictures!

  8. by Amanda on December 14, 2009  7:43 pm Reply

    Love the pics!!! Absolutley adorable!!!

  9. by Julie on December 14, 2009  8:32 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job Arielle! We had so much fun!

  10. by Wendi on December 14, 2009  8:52 pm Reply

    Everyone looks gorgeous! I'm glad you passed this info along. I need a photographer!

  11. by Traci on December 15, 2009  8:07 am Reply

    All of the pictures are amazing!

  12. by Jody on December 15, 2009  8:09 am Reply

    Wow... it's hard to pick a favorite. They're all great!! Brian is such a mini-Greg... ya'll are an adorable family. 8-)

  13. by Leeanne on December 15, 2009  8:11 am Reply

    Lovely photos!

  14. by Jackie on December 15, 2009  8:44 am Reply

    Beautiful pictures, love them

  15. by Julie on December 15, 2009  9:36 am Reply

    Beautiful photos!

  16. by Susan on December 15, 2009  12:56 pm Reply

    Watch out Brad and Angelina! This family is extremely photogenic and natural. Enjoyed all the photos.

  17. by Laura on December 15, 2009  1:24 pm Reply

    My favorite is the one of Emma with "the look!"

  18. by Susan on December 15, 2009  1:31 pm Reply

    This family looks like they are all models!

  19. by Christy on December 15, 2009  1:52 pm Reply

    Amazing pictures guys!

  20. by charlene cleary on December 15, 2009  7:49 pm Reply

    thiese pictures are absolutely ridiculous!!! your family is absolutely beautiful. :o) happy holidays

  21. by Wendy Bouton on December 16, 2009  7:57 am Reply

    The last one is my favorite family shot. I also love the one of Julie with Brian behind her shoulders. Beautiful Emma so well dressed as usual. Brian looks like he really had fun taking pictures. He's very photogenic. There is a good variety of different poses and candids.

  22. by Jenni Buckley on December 16, 2009  10:11 am Reply

    These photos are unbelievable! You all look so great! You will have to get every single one of these.

  23. by Ashley on December 16, 2009  5:08 pm Reply

    Amazing pictures, they are absolutely beautiful!

  24. by Leslie on December 16, 2009  5:10 pm Reply

    Such pretty pictures!!!

  25. by Mike on December 16, 2009  5:12 pm Reply

    That baby should be on the cover of Pottery Barn Baby!

  26. by Greg on December 21, 2009  2:24 pm Reply

    Thank you so much Arielle. As always we love the pictures.

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