Grand Rapids, Part 1

I intended to post these sooner but some photoshop mishap (the kind that could drive someone to the edge, or just leave you to melt in a puddle of tears) slowed me down.
This series is from the first day of Amy Wenzel’s workshop. It was a 3 days getaway to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I fell in love with the place, the people we met, the downtown area with beautiful building and a modern feel, the “green/organic” awareness, the weather (so mild and refreshing). It was a beautiful setting for a fantastic workshop. Amy put her heart and mind into full gear to deliver us her knowledge of the trade. Everything was planned meticulously. With the help of her friend Kelly, she had the event running smoothly, with a perfect schedule of business/photography discussions, photo shoots (to put into practice new technics), and plenty of delicious food!
Amy’s specializes in photographing children and high school senior girls with a high fashion twist. Her editorial style is unique and stands out in this very competitive industry. Last week, she was available to us, sharing her secrets and talent to master her skills. Not only amazing in her profession, she is also charming, lovely with the biggest heart. It was such a delight to get to know her and spend 3 intense days in her company.
I’ve lost my notes with the children’s name, but I hope I can remember correctly and have their spelling right. Our little models were fabulous and beyond patient. Imagine 20 ladies, strangers at that, all behind some big camera pointing straight at you, calling for your attention… yeah, I would be behind a bush till the excitement slowed a bit. We did spread some, but this group were troupers and so cool to work with.
First off, Miss Olivia, who had just celebrated her 5th birthday the day before our session. She was just a doll!

Beckett, 22 months old. Loved playing with his spiky ball and cool fire trucks, and totally rocked scooting around on his skateboard.

Ella, and her brother Reid. Ella had just lost her 4 front teeth in the previous 2 weeks, and was very proud of her gaping smile, so adorable. And how cute is Reed’s mohawk do?

Our last three models were siblings, Hanna, Corrah and Emmanuel (Manny). I’m really so impressed with their stamina, they were all so sweet to us.


  1. by libby doyle on May 22, 2009  3:32 pm Reply


    Your workshop definitely adds a new look to your already diverse talent. I love the rustic, clean feel the photo's present. The models are positively beautiful, especially the three siblings. This is some of your most impressive work I've seen. Knowing you so well, these photographs have a sharp edge of perfection, clarity and fresh frenchness just like you. I can't wait for our photo shoot next week. I want my children captured with such quality. Have a great weekend.


  2. by Cydil on May 29, 2009  1:16 pm Reply

    Arielle -- I saw these the other day and can't get over what good shots you got. One would never know that you were shooting around a mob of other photographers all shooting at the same time! I envy your PS skills! Flawless! BTW, what lens did you use (if you don't mind sharing)?

  3. by stephanie corkren on June 2, 2009  5:01 am Reply

    great pictures. Jackson is so cute. love, stephanie

  4. by Katherine Bowman on June 3, 2009  12:05 pm Reply

    These photos are great! Thanks so much for posting about your time with Amy! I am very interested in her workshops and plan on attending one sometime! Thanks!

  5. by sylvie daydie on June 9, 2009  2:54 pm Reply

    ces petits enfants sont super beau, en particulier la + grande blonde avec les longs cheveux elle est tres tres photogenique ils sont vraiment bien habillés et les photos sont topissime !!!

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