I ♥ faces

Trying something new. I just found out about this cool blog, I ♥ faces, which holds every week a photo contest in 2 categories (children and adult). There is a new theme each time, and this week it’s sepia tone.

I’ll enter it with my favorite image of Taylor:
(I just love the circular blur created by the “garden wire sphere” I shoot this frame through)

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  1. by Tami Saleska on June 16, 2009  10:53 am Reply

    I can't wait.... we will be voting fools if we can

  2. by Rhonda on June 17, 2009  11:01 am Reply

    I really LOVE your entry.
    Very nice picture.

  3. by Skyler on June 22, 2009  10:50 am Reply

    I am inlove with her pictures. She is Beautiful!
    Nice work!

  4. by Stacey on June 22, 2009  3:01 pm Reply

    Absolutely beautiful!

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